BLJython - Change in pacakges in 8.x

Version 1

    There has been a change in the class heirarchies in BL 8.x version

    As a result of which many existing Jython scripts which make use of imports of different packages/classes from BL, will fail with Import Errors.


    This is the list of imports that should be changed:, any import references to these packages or classes inside  these should be changed accordingly


    The packages are ( Old Name ---> New Name) :-

    com.bladelogic.mfw      --->

    com.bladelogic.model   --->     --->

    com.bladelogic.cli     --->

    com.bladelogic.client  --->


    Also ,

    The Name of the class OptionsManager has been changed to BLoptionsManager. The following should  be changed:


    from import BlOptionsManager as OptionsManager


    from import BlOptionsManager


    PS: Please update this document if you come across a new Package/Class change in