Jez Humble

Version 8
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    Jez is a well-known name in IT circles. He's multi-talented individual, author of the seminal work on CD, CONTINUOUS DELIVERY, partner at ThoughtWorks Studios, blogger at, and generally knowledgeable guy who also has deep roots in DevOps.


    Jez and I conducted via email over a few week period of time, I'd send a question or two at a time, getting a reply back. This started a couple of months ago.


    There is no podcast version as Jez wanted to do Q&A via email relay.


    There are four segments:


    Part A: How I Came To DevOps & What It Is

    Part B: DevOps Take-Aways

    Part C: Is DevOps Enterprise-ready & What Metrics?

    Part D: What next for DevOps?