Overview of Track-It! Survey Configuration

Version 1

    From time to time I receive questions about what Track-It! Survey looks like from people who are considering adding it to Track-It! . This document contains a brief overview of Track-It! Survey and its configuration.  Track-It! Survey is an add on module that emails a survey to users after they have contacted the help desk to survey their satisfaction with how their issue was handled by the help desk


    This document contains screen shots of the setup screens, an example of the email that Track-It! Survey sends out to users when the IT person completes their work order and an attached sample report of the survey data. The survey questions, the email message sent to users and the reports are all customizable.


    Here is a sample email from Track-It! Survey:


    From: Track-It! Server [mailto:testhelpdesk@numarasoftware.comtest@numarasoftware.com]
    Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 11:54 AM
    To: Johnson, Michael
    Subject: Help Desk Satisfaction Survey



    You have been selected to provide feedback on the quality ofservice provided by the Help Desk on your recent request.

    Please click on this link, http://tpa2k8/ti9survey?WO_NUM=1373&SurveyID=1, to complete a quick survey that will help us to better serve you.

    Thank you.


    Below is the Track-It! Administration Console with the Web Survey node expanded. You can see the sample survey that we have added along with the URL that points to that survey. The Administrator can schedule the survey to be sent automatically to a certain percentage of users and/or send out the URL manually to survey people on demand.

    Survey - Library.png


    Below is a screen shot of the email message configuration. Here the Track-It! Adminstrator can customize the email message that will be sent to users when they are selected to be surveyed.

    Survey - Email Config.png


    This screen shot shows the percentage of work orders to survey. Many Administrators survey 100% of the time, others select something lower so that every user doesnt receive a survey every time. It is also possible to disable the survey as well if you would like to suspend it for some reason.

    Survey - Monitor Config.png


    The screen shot below shows one of the question creation screens.

    Survey - Question.png


    Below is a screen shot of the question window with several questions configured.

    Survey - Question Library.png


    Below is a screen shot the actual survey as it would appear to the user when they click the survey URL from the email message.

    Survey - Web Interface - Questions.png


    Attached to this document is a sample of report output from a Crystal Report created to show survey results data.