FootPrints Asset Core: How to import inventory from an INI file

Version 2

    Import Inventory from an INI File into FootPrints Asset Core



    Customer Requirement:



    I require information in an INI file located on each of my workstations.  I need to parse and import this information into Asset Core as part of my normal inventory process. 



    Background Information:


    Parsing information located in INI files is typically performed to satisfy custom inventory and management needs of an organization.  One of several reasons this data is important may relate to better grouping structures based on the information returned or a better understanding on the state of "compliance" related to a management object. 


    In a recent customer scenario (and success story with Asset Core),  gathering information from an INI source on each device solved for determining a machine's physical location due to the information being unreliable in Active Directory or, in some instances, non-existent.  In addition, data present in these INI files served as a trusted source for a homegrown application's versioning information.  Due to the nature of how this homegrown application was developed it was not something easily attainable through a typical software audit. 


    The attached solution document walks through how an Operational Rule can be used to gather information from an INI file and deposit the data into Custom Inventory node of each device.