BPPM Performance Diagnostics views - How-To video

Version 4
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    This BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management video demonstrates how to access and use the Performance Diagnostics views in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.




    The intended audience for this video is those who are both implementing and using BPPM analytics.


    Usage Scenarios


    The Perfromance Diagnostices views are used to view the following for scalability and configuration purposes. (This is not a complete list.)


         1) Report the quantities of monitored objects configured in BPPM

         2) Monitor performance of key application server processes

         3) Report event loads

         4) Report on users configured in the system

         5) See who is currently logged in

         6) Report configuration data


    Supporting Materials



    Video Formats


    Two formats are provided both in High Definition mp4 files including 1280 x 800 and 1024 x 640.