BPPM v8.6 Integration Service & PATROL Adapter Configuration - How-To Video Series

Version 6



    This BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management video series demonstrates how to configure performance data collection and filtering with the BPPM Integration Service using the PATROL Adapter.  These videos do not cover event handling and are focused on trended performance data.  There are six videos in this series.  They are listed below with notes for each.  These videos should be viewed in the order listed.




    The intended audience for this video are those who are integrating PATROL data collection with BPPM.


    Usage Scenarios


    Each of the six videos in this series covers a specific useage scenario as listed below.


    Video 1 - BPPM IS Configuration Intro and Environment


    Covers an introduction to the major concepts for configuring the Integration Service.  Also includes a review of the environment covering consoles used and the initial status of the environment.  Note that PATROL monitoring should already be configured.  


    Video 2 - BPPM IS Configuration


    Demonstrates how to configure a preinstalled Integration Service by connecting it to the BPPM server.


    Video 3 - BPPM IS Importing Application Classes


    Shows how to delete and import PATROL Application Classes that are automatically discovered by the Integration Service.


    Video 4 - BPPM IS Filtering


    Demonstrates how to configure filtering at the Integration Service for PATROL Application Classes, Devices, and Instances.


    Video 5 - BPPM IS Visualize and Add Agent


    Demonstrates how to add a PATROL agent to a preconfigured Integration Service instance.  Shows how the related Application Classes, Devices, and Instances are automatically discovered and populated into the BPPM server based on filter configuration and which application classes were initially imported for the adapter.


    Video 6- BPPM IS Agent Config Change


    Demonstrates how configuration changes are automatically populated to the BPPM server for a PATROL agent that is already connected to the Integration Service.


    Supporting Materials


    Please see the BPPM v8.6 Integration Service & Patrol Adapter Configuration.pdf below.


    Video Formats


    Two formats are provided both in High Definition mp4 files including 1280 x 800 and 1024 x 640.