Sample LiveUpgrade Point Release Custom Software Package

Version 1

    Here's a Custom Software Package to do a Solaris LiveUpgrade to a specific point release.  Oracle requires that as of a certain point, for hosts that will have Oracle DB installed, Solaris can't just be patched up to a given release, but should be either reinstalled or upgraded using LiveUpgrade and the install media.  This package is to help customers upgrade using Liveupgrade and install media.


    We have tested this.




    The TARGET.SOLARIS_ALTERNATIVE_BOOT_ENV property will be appropriately populated with a newly created, usable LU target.

    An NFS server exists with the desired Solaris install media (in this case, "Solaris_10-1009)", exported to the hosts that will use this.



    Here's the text of the install commands:


    echo "Lets see that the install media mounted"

    ls -l "??SOURCE??/Solaris_10-1009"


    echo "Let's run the upgrade using the ABE property"

    luupgrade -u -n ??TARGET.SOLARIS_ALTERNATIVE_BOOT_ENV*?? -s  "??SOURCE??/Solaris_10-1009"

    Package exported from BL 8.1 GA.