BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping Activation Service

Version 1

    You may be pursuing projects, such as cloud management, data center automation, and asset management — or perhaps you are preparing to defend a software license audit — and are looking to leverage BMC’s discovery and dependency mapping solution to address your needs. Getting your solution up and running quickly to address your business requirements is critical, but you also want to ensure you do so with minimal effort and cost.


    Whether you use internal personnel, a services partner, or a combination of both, traditional software implementation methods can produce unpredictable timelines and results. This unpredictability is often caused by differing levels of staff and consulting skills and experience, unclear project scope and plans, inaccurate time estimates, lack of quality in end deliverables, and more. What you really want is a predictable approach that produces high-quality results with the least amount of effort and cost.


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