Open Source At BMC Software

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    BMC understands open source is a critical part of the landscape, and we are continually striving to increase our support and participation in open source initiatives. 

    BMC actively supports and manages leading open source projects and technologies, including Apache, JBOSS, Linux, and many others.  BMC is also an open source customer — expanding beyond the traditional open source projects to initiatives like CMSFS.  Furthermore, BMC is an open source contributor. We constantly evaluate the merits and relevancy of releasing part or all of specific solutions to the community.  In the words of BMC CTO Tom Bishop, we undertake these opportunities “believing the open source community to be just one of a number of viable mechanisms for creating, extending, and strengthening the systems management solutions available to the market.”

    BMC firmly believes that open source commitment should go beyond the traditional areas of support, contribution, and consumption; and to prove that we are now actively increasing our representation within the community through participation in open source events — regardless of their direct impact on BMC. 

    In addition, BMC is opening its doors with the new open source section on  Our goal is to use this forum to unite customers, partners, and even competitors to improve the time to value for systems management consumers everywhere. 

    We welcome you to join us in our effort to improve the overall systems management ecosystem.  Please join the forums and post your thoughts, suggestions, and comments as we strive to make the BMC Developer Network exactly what you want it to be.  We hope to create a site that is exactly what the community wants us to deliver.