ADDM 8.3 -> CMDB 7.6.04 -> BPPM 8.6.02 (incl Dynamic Service Modeling) Flash Demo

Version 1

    Here is a Flash Demo (only 8:05 minutes in length) with 2 Use Case involvingADDM, CMDB and Service Modeling within BPPM.


    In the second Use Case, we show how Service Models are "dynamically" updated when ADDM discovers newCIs associated with an Application Instance.

    In this example, we add a new JVM to the Weblogic Infrastructure that supports JPetStore (BAI), the new CI and inter-relationships get updated in the Service Model dynamically for Probable Root Cause Analysis.


    This was a GREAT exercise to see how powerful ADDM is for being a "provider" to the Atrium CMDB and enabling consumers such as BPPM (and ITSM Apps) to leverage the Impact Relationships for correlation.


    Please provide any feedback. Thanks,