BMC Communities Guidelines and Rules

Version 16
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    This whole Community is designed for/by/with People delivering Service Management using BMC Products.

    You can enjoy this venue to share knowledge, information, and technology.


    In order to foster a vibrant & friendly community, members follow common-sense principles when engaging.


    • Search before posting (the information may already exist somewhere in a Discussion, Document, Blog, etc)
    • Respect all other users, whatever their skill-level, background or origin
    • Respect trademark and copyright materials
    • Complete your profile to enable honest conversations
    • Mark answers "Helpful" or "Correct" allowing other users to be able to find relevant content quickly and efficiently
    • Post your question in the correct Community for better visibility and to target SME's for that product - Tip: Hover mouse over the top-left "Products" menu item to find the sub category
    • Follow other users and content, Bookmark content, Vote on Ideas, Like content you find relevant and useful
    • Add log files as attachments (files)
    • Threaten, harass or abuse others
    • Post proprietary or sensitive content e.g. BMC Guides or PDF's (you can sure provide the associated link, and permission will apply)
    • Advertise your product or services in an inappropriate manner
    • Ask for interview questions or answers
    • Create multiple copies of the same discussion/question in different Product areas (do not worry: if your question was not posted in the right area, Moderators will help you by moving things around)


    As described in the Term & Conditions, BMC reserves the right to edit or remove posts not respecting these rules, and to terminate access for offenders if needed.