RemedyForce Integration with ADDM - Overview of Scripts and Tools

Version 6

    BMC RemedyForce enables you to import data from BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (BMC Atrium Discovery) using the Pentaho Data Integration tool.  This document will help serve as a colloboration point to discuss how to setup and configure the various pieces to be able to demonstrate to customers and prospects.

    Note:  Most of the materials related to the installation and configuration of ADDM Integration Toolkit can be found via the tab "RemedyForce Administration”. Then navigate to "Integrations" and then go to the section “Importing data from BMC Atrium Discovery (Help)”.  You will need to reference the ADDM materials below for info on using/demonstrating ADDM.

    To demonstrate how to integrate ADDM and RemedyForce, you will need the following


    1. A valid RemedyForce Org (Please do NOT use the Shared Orgs for uploading data)
    2. The ADDM Demo Virtual Appliance – Download from EPD
      • The download is called “BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping” (select the demo appliance)
    3. Pentaho Data Integration Tool
      • Download located here
    4. RemedyForce ADDM Integration (Zip File) located here
    5. Have JRE installed on your computer. For more information see "Installing JRE" document below.
    6. Also have created KETTLE_HOME environment variable to store the location of the Kitchen.bat file. For more information, see "Creating environment variable" document below.
    7. Video of the basic configuration attached below.  (Flash based SWF file that you may need to save on your local machine to view.)

    So far, it seems that the demo for ADDM versus RemedyForce has been to different audiences.  However, one could demo both the RF tool and ADDM to a single audience as needed.

    ADDM materials