ARAPI - AR System API Downloads (C, Java and Driver)

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    What is this?

    If you need to get your hands on the ARAPI for a certain version and platform, it can take some time to download the correct server package and extract the api-directory from within that package.


    I have collected these for quite some time, to make both yours as well as my life easier.


    Here are the API:s for version


    Complete list and archive of available downloads:

    Help needed!

    Help me find out which DLL:s or Shared Objects that is needed at run-time that is missing from the original api-directory.


    I have included a bin-directory that is not part of the original api-directory in the installation, so you can run your compiled C-program without getting DLL- or SO-files from the bin-directory of the server.


    I have put things there in a kind of unstructured ad hoc way, and I know the list is not complete at all.


    PlatformRuntime Libraries Needed





    Linux (already included in the lib directory)