Virtualization Management from BMC

Version 1
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    Business Challenge

    IT is under enormous pressure to contain costs and increase energy efficiency, while also adding services  and increasing flexibility. Virtualization has emerged as one of the more powerful tools to make better use of  resources, while also adding significant flexibility and scalability. However, enterprise IT organizations are  realizing that traditional data center challenges do not go away with the adoption of virtualization. On the  contrary, the fast-moving nature of virtualization makes day-to-day management more complex, and the  need for automated solutions more acute than ever.


    The BMC Solution

    BMC provides the tools you need to realize the full value of your virtualization investments. BMC’s industryleading BSM platform seamlessly integrates enterprise-class functionality across the hybrid data center,  including physical, virtual, and cloud resources. This platform prevents the creation of yet another silo of  functionality, while continuing to leverage investments already made. BMC supports the initial discovery and  provisioning of virtual infrastructure and systems, including applications, as well as the ongoing  configuration, performance, availability, and security of those systems.


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