HPAC2CMDB Project Summary v1.2

Version 2
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    The purpose of the integration projects is to increase the value and utility of the BMC Atrium CMDB. These leverage the EIE to provide a unidirectional integration to populate the BMC Atrium CMBD. Projects are licensed under the BSD open source license agreement and supported and updated by the open source community.

    This project summary provides a description of the project's main features, functions, and benefits; technical requirements; and other high-level information.

    Project Description

    HPAC2CMDB is an open source project designed to support BMC Atrium CMDB. This project provides unidirectional integration between HP OpenView AssetCenter (formerly Peregrine AssetCenter) and BMC Atrium CMDB. HPAC2CMDB utilizes BMC Remedy Link for SQL Server or BMC Remedy Link for Oracle, which uses the EIE service to transfer data from the AssetCenter database into the BMC Atrium CMDB.

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