BMC Remedyforce Mobile Applications

Version 16
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    Depending on the persona we have different mobile applications available for use with Remedyforce. These applications can be accessed via an iPhone, iPad or via Android devices.


    Remedyforce Mobile.png


    Remedyforce Mobile application on Salesforce1 is designed for the IT Staff that utilize Remedyforce to enable them to log, track, update incidents, changes, … To follow up on tasks and do approvals (at this moment does not contain request management).

    Enabling the Self Service mobile application on the Salesforce1 platform

    self service mobile preview.pngSelf Service Mobile application on Salesforce1 is our latest self-service option, introduced in the Summer 15 release. This new mobile app, which is running on the S1 mobile platform, provides an improved UI and is the app we are focusing on going forward. This mobile app will replace the Remedyforce Self Service Mobile application over the next few releases.

    Configuring Self Service mobile application on the Salesforce1 platform


    If you need to use any of the above applications you need to use a valid login and password of your demo org.


    Additional Information

    • The Taking Your Service Desk Mobile white paper is to explore some key recommendations to help you with implementing your mobile Service Desk and to provide some instruction and guidance on how mobile best practices can be applied to your Remedyforce solution.
    • Details on installing and using Salesforce1 MobileApp on the various devices can be found here.
    • You probably already know that iOS and Android versions of the Salesforce1 app are available for download on the App Store and Google Play. However, Salesforce1 is also available as a web only app that can accessed via any browser. Simply log into any Salesforce1 enabled Org and then append /one/ to your instance URL e.g. in order to access the web version of Salesforce1.”