...And Do It Anyway

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    Friday's Theme: Deep Thoughts

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    ...And Do It Anyway

    Have you been afraid to try a new food? Reluctant to travel to a distant country where the language and culture are totally different from yours? Or hesitated in taking on an unfamiliar, difficult project (for example, shingling one's house)?


    Recently, I saw a book titled Feel the Fear ... And Do it Anyway. The title jumped out at me. I read the book, and it was interesting, but the thing that sticks with me is the title.

    It is an interesting thought. With anything new, there is a certain amount of fear. Sometimes there is only a little fear, and sometimes a lot. But, it is important to take a look at the fear, recognize it for what it is, and just go ahead and do it anyway. How else will you try something new? How else will you start to change a situation that just is not working?


    Within our lives, there are constantly new opportunities arising. It is not possible to take advantage of every one of them, but it is important to consider them and to take the chance on some of them – even when it is a little bit frightening (or even down right terrifying). Sometimes, the things that seem the most frightening can end up being the most rewarding.

    I know that I came across one of those opportunities 12 years ago. It was more than a little frightening, and I think I changed my mind a dozen times or more before deciding. That decision turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made. That decision was to help start Remedy. I definitely felt the fear and am glad that it is one of the times that I chose to do it anyway.


    I am not advocating extremism. For example, you will not find me bungee jumping any time soon. I figure that a bridge built over a deep gorge must be a pretty solid structure. Now, why would I jump off when I can stay on that perfectly stable and solid bridge? So as you can see, there are some "opportunities" I have already considered and have decided to pass on the challenge.

    The next time you are looking at new opportunities – maybe as small as tasting a food that you have not tried before or as big as a new career direction – recognize the fear in any change and then consider whether this is one of those times to Do It Anyway.