BMC Remedyforce Evaluation Guide[4]

Version 1

    Your end users are more demanding than ever. They want immediate attention and  immediate results — or in IT terms — fast response times and instant problem  resolution. They also demand consistently high levels of service, and of course, they  expect constant communication on the status of their requests. How do you meet such  demands when your own IT resources may be under significant strain?


    Many organizations around the world have turned to the best practices recommended  by ITIL® as a way to cut costs, align resources, improve service levels, and deliver  consistent levels of service to the business.


    As you evaluate IT help desk software, make sure that the application will enable you  to take advantage of the best practices recommended by ITIL — without requiring too  much additional configuration from you. It’s also a good idea to check that the best  practices are documented and that the documentation is easily accessible by users.


    BMC Remedyforce includes ITIL® best-practice workflows built right into the software.  Plus, it comes with extensive online documentation of the process models. With the help  of embedded best practices, you can achieve faster cost savings and improvements in  service quality that can benefit your entire organization.


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