Patch Analysis Auto Remediation in a Batch Job Workaround

Version 5

    Yes, this is still useful. 


    As of BBSA 8 it is possible automatically deploy missing patches based on the results of a Patching Job. While this is fairly straightforward to setup and manage in a standalone Patching Job, this becomes more complicated when the Patching Job is part of a Batch Job. Because the Deploy Job is not a child of the Patching Job, the Deploy Job will execute outside of the confines of the Batch Job. This is problematic f because it’s desirable to ensure the Deploy Job completes before proceeding to the next child job in the Batch Job and it’s also typically required that the status of the Deploy Job is known such that the Batch Job might fail or continue based on the outcome of the Deploy Job.




    The included NSH Script can be run as a NSH Script Job and added to the Batch Job instead of the Patching Job. The NSH Script Job will run the Patching Job. If there is missing software detected, the Remediation Job will be created and run, the Depot and Job Objects will be generated and the Deploy of the software will be run. Optionally the original Patching Job can be re-run to further verify the software was installed correctly.


    See an updated version here: Patching Job Automation and RPM rollback