BMC Application Release Automation – Deploy and Configure Applications in the Cloud

Version 1
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    Extend BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to automate application platform configuration and deployment across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments


    BMC Application Release Automation configures application environments and executes application  deployment processes. As part of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite, BMC Application Release  Automation delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box content for environment configuration and  application packaging, promotion, and deployment.


    By eliminating manual configuration processes and the need to maintain deployment scripts, BMC  Application Release Automation deploys applications faster with fewer problems. It provisions cloud  environments in minutes — and makes sure they are immediately usable. Because every deployment is  executed exactly the same way, variations between environments are eliminated, and errors that are hard to diagnose are simply prevented.


    Through the integration of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Application Release  Automation, development teams easily collaborate with IT operations teams to ensure consistent  provisioning and configuration of pre-production environments and specification of release processes.  BMC Application Release Automation maximizes the return on investment in cloud automation by  removing the need to rewrite and maintain the custom script libraries that are required by other  application deployment solutions.


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