Reach Beyond ERP Systems for Managing IT Service Costs, Financial Planning, and Budgeting

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    In the “new normal” of nonstop, intense, worldwide competition, IT is in the bull’s-eye for  cost-cutting and accountability initiatives. That’s why senior management needs a full  understanding of how much the CIO is spending and what benefits the business is getting  for its investment. Without the right level of detail, IT management doesn’t have enough  information to determine which IT services could be provided more efficiently through  outsourcing, on-demand services, or the cloud.


    However, managing, understanding, and delivering  all the data related to IT spending requires far more  detailed and integrated information about assets,  applications, projects, and IT services spending than  what’s available from most corporate financial  enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Therefore, it’s critical to consider how integrated technology can provide service costing, financial planning,  and budgeting data.


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