How the Tuner Locates its Workspace on Start Up

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    When the tuner starts up it automatically loads the file located at <tuner_install_dir>\lib\tuner\properties.txt. This file will contain two properties that will be used in the workspace location algorithm: marimba.launch.homeKey and marimba.tuner.workspace.dir.


    This document will use this sample environment configuration:

    tuner install dir: C:\bbca_examples

    tuner workspace path: C:\bbca_examples  NOTE: the tuner will automatically append  .marimba directory (that is dot marimba) to the path. The actual workspace directory is contained within the .marimba directory.


    settings in C:\bbca_examples\lib\tuner\properties.txt





    The tuner locates its workspace by first reading the value of the property marimba.launch.homeKey. It will use this value to match a registry key name located at

    Windows 64bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Marimba


    Using the example set above the tuner would be looking for the registry key BBCA_Target_HOME. If it matches it would read the key's data value which will reflect the directory path where the .marimba directory can be found. Again using the example, the data value would be C:\bbca_examples

    If for any reason the tuner is unable to locate a path, the tuner will default to the Windows install directory (such as C:\Windows)


    Now the tuner will use the value of the property marimba.tuner.workspace.dir to locate the name of the directory within .marimba that represents the proper workspace. In the example this would be BBCA_Target.  If this directory does not exist, the tuner will automatically create it and any parent directories.



    Example registry export from a Windows 2008 Server:


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00