Why Your Applications Need Behavior Learning "Therapy"

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    -by David Williams, Vice President of Strategy, CTO Office, and Leslie Minnix-Wolfe, Lead Solutions Manager, BMC Soft ware


    Consider this scenario: You decide to purchase a book and want to see what’s available online.  As soon as you log in, the retailer knows who you are and recommends the latest book from  your favorite author, complete with reviews, prices, and discounts. You are delighted to discover  that the author just released this book, and within a few minutes your order is complete and  confi rmed. Assuming that the book arrives on time, you’ve just had a great end-user experience.


    What made this experience possible? The retailer  learned about your favorite choices based on your  past orders and preferences, and quickly off ered you a  product you wanted. Yet, what if you ordered this book  just before the holidays in December, when traffi  c on  the retailer’s Web site was much greater than normal?  Would you still get that same level of service and process your transaction as quickly and fl awlessly? The  answer is yes. On these types of customer sites, enduser experience monitoring provides IT with a view  into the application performance and infrastructure,  as well as how each end user interacts with the technology, to ensure this level of service — regardless of  the conditions or variables.


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