Provisioning ESXI 4.1 (prior to 8.1 SP2 enhancement)

Version 1

    Hello Gurus


    If you would like to retro fit a ESXi 4.1 bare metal provisioning to BladeLogic 8.1 (pre SP2) and 8.0 here is an easy workaround.

    It uses a parameterized BLpackage to delpoy the kickstart file to the depot and this kickstart file path is is hardcoded in the kernel paremeters for the boot image .


    Pros of this approach : Can be easily migrated over to 8.1 SP2 when it arrives and can be used in  previous version of BladeLogic .

    Cons : Can only bare metal provision one ESXi at a time .



    -     Attached  8.1 Blpackage "ESXi Provision"

    -     Attached  run time parameters for the job "Job Parameters"

    -     Attached TFTP and Kernel parameters under "TFTP and Kernel" parameters.

    -     Sample output generated in the Kickstart file