BMC Remedy Change and Release Management

Version 2

    IT is under increasing pressure to become a financially responsible business partner. As such, business is looking at IT to provide a better set of processes, procedures, and technologies to avoid costs and unexpected service outages. Understanding the risk of IT changes can provide the visibility needed to avoid revenue-impacting events and drive cost reduction.


    Business Challenge

    The risks associated with poorly managed changes range from minor inconveniences to disasters that cost millions of dollars and directly affect short-term profitability. In recent years, several high-profile system implementation/upgrade failures have made headlines around the globe. All of these failures could have been prevented if the proper processes had been in place — and enforced.


    The BMC Solution

    BMC Change Management delivers comprehensive policy, process management, and planning capabilities that help you increase the speed and consistency with which you implement changes, while also minimizing business risk and disruption. As part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, it allows you to define and enforce standardized processes — from submission through planning, deployment, and finally, verification. It also ensures that the appropriate steps are taken, the right business owners are consulted for approvals, and fail-safe procedures are put in place, all of which results in an increase in productivity and a decrease in risk and changerelated outages.


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