BSM for IT Business Management

Version 1

    As organizations plan for growth, they increasingly scrutinize IT costs and risks.   They also expect greater transparency into IT functions and finances. Unfortunately,  information regarding IT operations and finances resides in disparate silos, making  visibility into overall capital and operational functions and costs nearly impossible.


    BSM for IT Business Management provides CIOs and IT leaders with an integrated  and modular solution to manage the business of running IT. Supporting centralized  management of IT financials, suppliers, project portfolios, sustaining activities, people,  and compliance, BSM for IT Business Management delivers the visibility and control  required to improve business alignment, reduce costs, and provide more business value.


    The BMC Solution:

    » Delivers comprehensive transparency into — and control over — the resources and associated costs required to provide IT services to the business.

    » Provides a standard process for capturing demand, as well as a means by which it can be prioritized and managed based on business goals and objectives

    » Controls the full lifecycle and total cost of IT suppliers and related assets — from evaluation to retirement

    » Manages governance and compliance objectives across all the critical functions of IT, rather than in just a single domain

    » Enables IT to budget and forecast expenses from the perspective of IT resources, activities, and their associated costs — spanning both project and operational efforts


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