BMC IT Controls Management

Version 1

    BMC IT Controls Management provides the CIO with a unique and comprehensive governance solution. In contrast to point products, this comprehensive solution allows IT to manage governance and compliance objectives across all critical functions of IT.


    Today’s CIOs are directly impacted by a wave of new and overlapping governance and compliance demands on the corporate enterprise. Enhanced levels of business and government oversight are now requiring IT to take a lead role for many governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. IT leaders must have comprehensive visibility across all IT functions and processes, and are being held accountable for demonstrating that stringent controls and auditable processes are protecting their organizations from risk.


    However, there is also the perception that regulatory compliance imposes requirements on the enterprise without providing much value in return. As such, many organizations believe that compliance forces them to implement frameworks or achieve ideal objectives that may or may not have any impact on managing “real world” risks and threats.


    Although the primary focus of compliance initiatives is to meet the requirements of various regulations, integrating a solid governance model and controls framework into a comprehensive IT strategy will also significantly increase the value IT provides to the business. Taking an intentional approach to governance not only ensures compliance, but it also increases business service availability, reliability, and consequently, business productivity.


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