BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite

Version 4
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    BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite is the industry-leading solution for automated management, control, and enforcement of configuration changes in the data center. It provides a cross-platform solution for managing both physical and virtual assets — in the traditional data center and in the cloud.


    Struggling to maintain the service levels your business demands, while also reducing costs, is a common IT operating scenario. Skilled staff are often consumed by routine manual tasks, executed in isolation across servers, networks, databases, and applications, thus resulting in lengthy change cycles with unreliable results. Service outages are increasing, business demands are growing, and governance requirements are expanding — yet cost constraints keep IT from adding staff to address the growing workload. As a result, the business may see IT as an impediment to business success.


    What’s more, new technologies and methodologies — cloud computing in particular — are changing the way IT and its customers are thinking about the data center. While the fundamentals have not changed, the current trends in data center management are increasing the emphasis on automation more than any time before, and IT organizations are coming to grips with the fact that IT-as-a-Service is in their future. Still, budgets will not grow to accommodate the new expectations, nor will you be able to shed legacy assets and move completely to the cloud.


    If you are ever going to improve your organization and lead the transition to take advantage of cloud and agile development methodologies to the benefit of your business, you need to begin building the appropriate automation foundation. It is of paramount importance that you implement a single platform for managing all your data center assets, rather than building yet more silos for new delivery methods, such as cloud.


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