BMC Business Service Catalog Transformation Service

Transform your service catalog to effectively support critical business services and the technical services that support them.


The business is demanding that IT provide an ever-increasing array of disparate services — ranging from on-boarding to virtualized servers to social media interfaces to mobile device management. At the same time, IT management is expected to provide increased transparency into service priorities and service costs. Providing services and related support on a reactive basis is no longer viable. What is required is complete business service transformation, including an effectively planned and proactive service catalog.


The service catalog provides the central source of IT services to the business. It is often the “face” to IT’s broadest customer base. The service catalog enables IT to transition from a reactive, “break fix” culture to one in which services provided are aligned with business value. Not only can a transformed service catalog bring increased transparency and value, but, if effectively designed, it can help IT distribute its workload out to a self-service user community, resulting in improved resource efficiencies.


ITIL® defines a service catalog as “… a central source of information on the IT services delivered by the service provider organization. This ensures that all areas of the business can view an accurate, consistent picture of IT services, their details and their status”. The roadmap to providing this “consistent picture” is achieved most effectively when industry-wide, best-practice experience is leveraged.


When making the investment in any Business Service Management (BSM) initiative, the effective transformation of the business service catalog provides a foundation for measured success.


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