AR System 7.6.04 UI - Sample Application (Education Portal)

Version 2
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    Here's a new sample application that demonstrates many of the UI features of the Action Request System, including the latest features in version 7.6.04.  It is distinct from uidemo in that it is not a "kitchen sink" demo of the individual features.  Rather it shows some of the techniques for combining features together, like in-line forms, floating panels, web reporting, and cell-based tables, to create a simple Education Portal that runs in a single web page.


    Screenshot of Education Portal Sample Application.png


    A PowerPoint presentation is also attached, that explains the application in some detail.  No videos this time, but the presentation is pretty comprehensive.


    To try the application yourself, you will need AR Server and mid-tier running on 7.6.04.

    Import the applicaton def file as an application (not just the objects, because sample data is included).

    Invoke the console page at http://MIDTIER-NAME:PORT/arsys/forms/ARSERVER-NAME/xample:console


    You can of course examine the implemenation in Developer Studio.


    Please send comments or feedback via BMCDN.  Enjoy.