Extended Object For NetApp - Returns Volume List, Available Storage & State

Version 3




    I was recently at a customer site and we wanted to show how BBSA could get information from NetApp by creating an extended object.  To do this I used one of the code samples that came with the NetApp api and tailored it to match the windows.ini grammar file within BBSA.  The attached script is written in powershell and it interfaces with the NetApp api to return the available Lun's in the system with their corresponding name, available size, total size, size used and state information.


    Screenshot Of Extended Object & Configuration




    Update 10/12/2011 (D.Tharby) -


    NetApp have recently realised a PowerShell toolkit called DataONTAP PowerShell Toolkit (here) which has over 700 cmdlets specifically for actions against NetApp Controllers. More information can be found at this link as well.

    The toolkit is free and is currently at version 1.6 and the scripts were created on a Windows 2008 R2 Server running PowerShell 2.0


    Attached is a new version of the volume list powershell script, NetAppVolList-v3.ps1, which uses the toolkit and also has some math commands to format the output into GB or MB where necessary.


    Additionally I have added a Lun List script as well, which works in the same manner as the volume list, NetAppLunList-v1.ps1.

    Both scripts require inputs of the UserName, Password and NetApp Controller that the script will run against.


    The same grammar file is used, as in Chris' original example.