BMC Dashboards for BSM

Version 1
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    Provides highly interactive, real-time access to key service support and operations metrics to help IT management optimize decisions and accelerate the alignment of IT with business goals.


    Providing proper management visibility into key IT performance indicators is imperative to running and maintaining an effective IT organization that consistently meets the demands and needs of the business. Unfortunately, these indicators and metrics are often scattered across various IT management tools and applications, making it difficult to gain management-level visibility into overall IT performance.


    How does IT management get visibility into the performance of their organization, including where it needs work and where it excels? To answer this question, management typically needs to consult their direct reports for answers, and then attempt to consolidate data from multiple groups into meaningful metrics. This manual process is not only time consuming, but also results in a lack of real-time information. As a result, IT organizations struggle with manual processes for collecting and analyzing various data points — instead of spending time on improving service level commitments to their customers and the business.


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