Evolving Your IT Service Management Strategy to Address Today’s Challenges

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    The challenges IT departments face today are many — from providing system uptime in line with ever-increasing expectations, to lowering costs while maintaining high service quality, to shifting from a pure operations mode to one of driving innovation and creating new services. IT is being asked to not only do more with less, it is being asked to deliver it more quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately— and to a broader audience.


    During the recent economic downturn, IT budgets experienced a 20 percent or more reduction, removing most, if not all, of the 30 percent of budget devoted to “innovation”. Not surprisingly, this has caused IT departments to scale back new services and instead focus on “just keeping the lights on”.


    Today, IT departments are faced with a new set of requirements from the business — everything from rolling out new web-based services, to supporting a whole host of new types of mobile devices, to acquiring new companies or expanding again into new markets.


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