BMC Self Service Solutions

Version 1
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    More often than not, IT is being judged on the most basic of metrics – customer satisfaction. Even when everything seems to be going well, a user’s experience with the services IT provides can be tainted by something as nontechnical as having to wait on the phone for a service representative to answer a "how-to" question or battling through the red-tape to place a service request. In fact, over 60 percent of IT customers believe that IT has difficulty meeting service expectations and commitments.


    Not surprisingly, in this era of increasing demand and expectations, the service desk is faced with the challenge of providing faster service at a lower cost, while also prioritizing critical incidents. However, its ability to deliver on this charter is often complicated by an overload of repetitive requests, such as those for access, password resets, or outage reporting. Users often don’t have visibility into the services IT offers or the status of requests, nor are they

    able to resolve issues themselves. Added to this, IT has a set of technical initiatives, practical operating guidelines, and, externally imposed governance and compliance mandates that they must not only satisfy, but continuously improve upon. All this limits the service desk’s ability to prioritize incidents and restore critical services.


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