Seeing ALARM event for PwTray 'Windows Process Availability < 100%' in TrueSight Console even though PwTray has been deprecated.

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Application Server


    Version 11.3.04 on Windows with Oracle DB only


    After upgrading to version 11.3.04, an ALARM event is generated for PwTray with msg slot 'Windows Process Availability < 100%' even though PwTray has been deprecated in that version.


    Product defect DRZMY-131 - the monitor for PwTray was not deleted during the upgrade


    Launch the Administration console and delete the monitor for PwTray as shown:

    User-added image

    Then manually close the ALARM event in TrueSight Console. If the ALARM event fails to close, locate the Internal ID of the event from the Internals tab of event details. From the TrueSight Infrastucture Management server, open a command window and execute:

    msetmsg -n <cell> -u <Internal ID> -C

    where <cell> is name of the cell.

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