How do I find the RSL schedule?

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    How do I find the Recommended Service Level (RSL) schedule? 




    RSL files contain program temporary fixes (PTFs) and HOLDDATA for products. The PTFs have been certified by BMC against the IBM Recommended Service Update (RSU). You can obtain quarterly RSL maintenance at any time by using BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR). You can obtain cumulative RSL maintenance from the BMC Electronic Software Distribution File Transfer Protocol (BMC ESD FTP) site, or by requesting physical media.


    Quarterly RSL images remain available for two years on Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) after the date on which they became available (RSL images older than two years can be requested on physical media).


    RSL maintenance is labeled as RSLyyqqC:

    • yy is the last two digits of the calendar year.
    • qq is the two digit month representing the quarter.
    • C is optional to identify a 6-month cumulative release.


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