Recorded video series for Remedy Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Version 5
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    This page has links to various recorded videos for Remedy ITSM progressive web applications project GA'ed in 20.08. It's a series to explain all about this project and various usage tips and tricks around working with progressive views.


    Note: BMC IDD team will also release better and formal videos soon, but this series can get you going while that happens.


    Video LinkRecording TimeRemarks
    Remedy PWA Video 1 - Intro to Remedy Progressive Views10:12 minOverview of Progressive Web Application (PWA) and Progressive Views (PV) for Remedy ITSM. Explains the idea behind this project and architectural overview.
    Remedy PWA Video 2 - Difference between Midtier and PWA rendering5:02 minUnderstand the difference in rendering between Midtier's wysiwyg vs. PWAs responsive output
    Remedy PWA Video 3 - Understanding layouts in Progressive Views9:39 minUnderstand layout concepts with new flow panel holder types
    Remedy PWA Video 4 - New features in Developer Studio8:25 minGet to know about new features in developer studio to develop progressive views
    Remedy PWA Video 5 - Creating complex layouts with flow panels13:17 minLearn to create complex screens that are responsive by means of nesting of flow panels
    Remedy PWA Video 6 - Working with fixed panel6:00 minUnderstand fixed panel and how to create it
    Remedy PWA Video 7 - Behavioral differences of workflow in midtier and PWA9:22 minExamples of workflow for some field properties and activelink actions demonstrating how they behave differently in midtier vs. PWA
    Remedy PWA Video 8 - New features in midtier9:22 minUnderstand the changes and new features in midtier specific to progressive views
    Remedy PWA Video 9 - Sample customization use cases in ITSM Progressive Views2:21 minThe first use case is about bringing in efficiency in de-allocating assets, while the second use case is about bringing out the context in outgoing emails.
    Remedy PWA Video 10 - Customization best practices9:17 minLearn about best practices while customizing OOTB progressive views and creating custom applications
    Remedy PWA Video 11 - Localization : How to Localize a Progressive View9:32 minLearn about how to localize a progressive view in data-driven localization fashion instead of creating per-locale views