"The user you have selected does not have SA privileges" Error while Upgrading Track-It! 2020

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    Track-It! 2020 R2


    Track-It! 20.xx


    While Upgrading to Track-It! 2020 on the "SQL Server Administrative Login" screen after entering credentials, the following error is received:
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    "The user you have selected does not have SA privileges.
    Select another user before continuing."


    A SQL Login that does not have SysAdmin (SA) privileges is being used.



      Make sure that the SQL Login being used has the required SysAdmin (SA) privileges. Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), once you expand Security -> Logins, right click on the respective Login to ensure this is set as follows:  
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    Also check that the SQL Server's Authentication is set to "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode". Using SSMS, once you right click on the Server (top level) in the Object Explorer and select Properties. Click the Security page and ensure it is set as follows:  
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