How to identify which CICS monitors are active using MainView Explorer?

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    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS


    Using the MainView Explorer interface, how do I identify which CICS monitors are active?


    Using MainView Explorer, how do I see which MainView for CICS monitors are active?

    There are a few quick and easy steps to determine which MainView for CICS monitors are active and for which CICS region. The MainView for CICS background monitors are used to detect exception conditions for CICS system resources (such as Max Task, the TS Buffers in Use) and to detect exceptions before they impact the CICS environments.

    To view the current active CICS monitors using MainView Explorer, start with the CMON view. Based on the context being used, you can see a quick summary of all the total monitors that are active by each CICS region. If you are using a context of ALL, then you will see all the  monitors for all the CICS regions. Below, I’m using the Context of All that is defined to show BMCA and BMCB systems.

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    To see which monitors are active by a certain CICS region, hyperlink on the Actv Mntrs column to display the individual monitors for a CICS region. The CSERV view is displayed showing all the monitors for that CICS region. For the example below, I hyperlinked on the first row for CICS region names CAGA on the field displaying 49 active monitors. 

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