BMC Virtual Chat - 19.08.00 -Live Chats stay in pending assignment after installing Live Chat Hotfix 1908 Hotfix5

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    I implemented Live Chat 1908 hotfix 5 in our Development System and with Live Chat 1908  Hotfix 5
     the new chats stay in a Pending Assignment state and do not move or Assign to an Available Agent as it used to before .

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    The implementation of Live Chat 1908 Hotfix 5 corrects a defect for uneven chat assignments distribution to Live Chat Agents  


    Chat Auto Assignments distribution is very uneven to Agents some agents are overwhelmed with chat

    1. A requirements of the fixed code is to make sure that Capacity-based Auto Accept is set to off .
    In the Virtual Agent Administration Console
    Note: The value is 0 to set it to off (see below) In the Virtual Agent Administration Console 

    You do need to Refresh Servlets after making the change. 

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    2. Verify the following workflow is present in the environment 

    • ES_Chat:AdministrationConsole_GeneralServerSettings:AutoAssign
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord:AutoAssignChat
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord:StartAssignment_CheckAgentOnline
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord:StartAssignment_CheckAutoAccept
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord:StartAssignment
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord:StartAssignmentErrorHandler
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord_RequestAssignment:StartAssignment
    • ES_Chat:UserPreferences_SetAvailableFor

    • ES_Chat:AutoAssignChat
    • ES_Chat:MasterChatRecord_RequestAssignment:CleanAutoAsignment

    The customer confirmed after changing the Capacity-based Auto Accept is set to off - 0 and a Refreshing the Servlet 
    The Live Chat Auto assignment is now working properly 


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