Remedy - AR System Server - Upgrade Fails Due To Failed SQL Statement

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    Remedy AR System Server


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    All version of AR System Server Installer


    While running an AR System Server upgrade you'll see the upgrade fail, and the following entry in your AR System Server Installation log:

      (Sep 11 2020 02:04:32.996 PM -0400),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.arsuitekit.platforms.arsystemservers.arserver.ARServerMSSQLManageUpgradeDatabaseTask,
      THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Failed to execute SQL statement],Detail=[DROP INDEX IX_NonClustered, Field ON field]},
    You'll see this error while the installer is updating the database for base AR System tables.  These tables would include arschema, field, filter, and others.  These tables can not be updated while AR System Server is running, thus it shuts down AR System Server and the installer itself reviews these tables, and then issues the SQL commands based on the new table definitions.  The installer will remove all custom properties during this process. 

    While you may see other SQL errors during the install/upgrade process, this is the only point in the process where you'll see SQL errors in the arsystem_install_log.  If you get SQL errors during the RIK portion of the install or see SQL errors in arerror or other logs, then it is   not this issue. 



    During the installation phase, a SQL statement was rejected by the DB Server.


    NOTE:  If you see this error, you will have to restore both AR System Server and your Database server to a "pre-upgrade" state.  This error will leave both the Database and AR System Server in a unusable state and will require a restore from a working point.

    This error specifically details to us exactly what SQL was trying to be executed:

    THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Failed to execute SQL statement],Detail=[DROP INDEX IX_NonClustered, Field ON field]}
    This SQL statement will fail because the name of the index was "IX_NonClustered, Field".  This includes a space as well as a comma.  Both will fail to run without a "" around it.  The installer does not expect to see this, and does not know how to handle a database object with special characters.  The customer had manually added a new index of their own in a attempt to speed up server startups. 

    This will require a DBA to manually remove all indexes on these tables with special characters or spaces. 

    NOTE: BMC does not support making manual updates to any core AR System tables.  If you elect to make any modifications to these tables please keep track of them. 



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