Remedy Smart Reporting - Error appear when accessing to AdminConsole page "Error in getting AR details from DataSource in Smart Reporting"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Remedy Smart Reporting 20.02


    As soon as logged in AdminConsole page (http://SmartReporting:8080/AdminConsole/#/), following error appears and it is not possible to perform any action:
    "Error in getting AR details from DataSource in Smart Reporting"


    Failure during isntallation


    Following code related to web service configuration is missing from web.xml file (\webapps\SmartReporting\WEB-INF\):

    <init-param>           <param-name>EnableQueryWebservice</param-name>           <param-value>TRUE</param-value>        </init-param>        <init-param>           <param-name>DisableQueryWebservicePassword</param-name>           <param-value>TRUE</param-value>        </init-param>
    It is possible to fix the error if above code is added below next line and to restart Tomcat service:  
    However, a lot of entries related to lines automatically added by Apache Tomcat JspC during installation could be also missing. This can be checked by comparing web.xml files from a working environment. 

    If additional missing code is identified besides the "EnableQueryWebservice" and "DisableQueryWebservicePassword" parameters, the recommendation is to check for errors during install and to re-install the product. 


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