Showing multiple metrics in AMI Capacity Reporting

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    BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes


    BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes 1.9.10


    AMICR can include multiple metrics in a graph . To make clear which metrics are shown, following these steps. 

    For this example, we want  “CPU Utilization” and “CPU Queue Length”.

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    The graph which we get will look like this. To make the graph more readable,  select one logical system. 

    User-added image

    Not bad but, may be, we can make it better.

    CPU Queue length is shown in green and the CPU Utilization is shown in red. We can now change  the line which represents the CPU Queue Length to bars. To do this we have to select "More Actions..." in the "CPU Usage : CPU Queue" line (green arrow) and in the GUI which pops up switch from line to bar (red arrow). 

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    After an "Apply" we will get this new picture.

    User-added image

    The option “Highlight” was switched on for the line for "CPU Utilization".  Via “Chart Actions” we can toggle off the legend and get  a clear picture showing the two metrics.

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