How Can I Verify if MainView for IMS is Actually Being Used?

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    MainView for IMS Online


    MainView for IMS Online


    How can one tell if an installed MainView product is actually being used by anyone?


    Here are two views which will give an indication of MainView for IMS  usage. 

    The first is the DIAGUTAS view. For the most part it can be invoked directly from any MainView for IMS panel command line. It will show, among other things,  all active background tasks for that product, the cpu time accumulated so far, the Alarm manager tasks  and the orignal view name of the background task. 

    Here is a sample. 

    User-added image

    A second helpful view is  the IPUVDR view.  When invoked from the command line, it will show data refresh stastisics for various types of data. 

    Here is a sample. 

    User-added image

    Together, these views assistance in determining MainView for IMS product usage. 

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