Remedy AR System - D2P - How to Export and Import D2P package between environments  INCLUDES VIDEO

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR, ITSM 18.x, 19.x, 20.x


    How to Export and Import D2P package between environments.


    • Build a D2P package on Development Environment

    • Export the D2P package as a zip file from Development Environment

    • Import the D2P package zip to QA Environment

    • Deploy and Validate the D2P package on QA Environment

    • Once package is deployed successfully on QA and validation is done, Import the same D2P zip to Production Environment




    Using MidTier Client, login to Development Server and access Deployment Management Console to create a D2P package. Refer document: Defining Package  for more details on package creation.
    Note: You can Export or Import deployment package from any server of the server group.

    • Once package is created, its Ready to Build. Select Build Option under Operations:



    • Once package is Built successfully, its Ready to Export



    • Select the package to Export as .zip file. Select Export option under Transfer Package:



    • You can view the zip file using 7-zip Utility:



    Using MidTier Client, login to QA or Production Server and access Deployment Management Console to Import this D2P zip

    • Select Import option under Transfer Package and choose the D2P zip:




    • Once Import is successful, package will be Ready to Deploy. Select Deploy option under Operations: 



    • Once package is deployed successfully, status will change to Deployed:


    Creating and deploying a package using BMC Remedy Deployment Application
    Using AR System Deployment Management Console


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