Mainview AutoOPERATOR:  WLM service class and TIME parameters for the MainView AutoOPERATOR PAS

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    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    Recently  ran into a problem with AO terminating due to the STC exceeding the TIME parameter defined to the class we were using,  STCCLASS.
    What requirement does the product have that would avoid a problem with a TIME out.


    AutoOPERATOR should be defined to a Class that is equal or higher than what it is automating, and that service class should not time out.   That means if you run AutoOPERATOR for z/OS, y you want to define the PAS to run at the same level as MASTER or CONSOLE.  If you run AutoOPERATOR for CICS, then it needs to be higher than CICS. etc.   If the class you are using,  for example STCCLASS, is defined in such a way that it will not leave the PAS running all the time, and if it does not get enough priority to intercept processing for automation, then you should move the PAS to a different class (or change the class definition).

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