How to Migrate or Upgrade from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2020 R2

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    Track-It! 2020 R2


    Track-It! 2020 R2


    How to Migrate or Upgrade from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2020.02 (R2)?



      This document provides a step by step instructions to successfully migrate from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2020 R2. By following each step in the checklist, you’ll be able to quickly and confidently move to the new platform. At a high level, there are 7 key steps:  
      1) Planning and Pre-migration considerations
      2) Installing Track-It! 2020 R2
      3) Performing the Initial Migration
      4) Configuring Track-It! 2020 R2
      5) Test the New Track-It! 2020 R2 system
      6) Train Users
    • Make sure that technicians and users have learned about Track-It! 2020 by watching the Training videos.
      7) Perform the Final Migration and Go Live
    • Run the Migration Tool again. In the data configuration dialog box, select Option 1 > Step 2 - Module Data Refresh to migrate new data that was created after the initial migration in step 3.
    • Each time you run the Migration Tool with this setting, it purges all the previously migrated data and reimports the data along with any new or changed data. For more information, see Migration Tool considerations and prerequisites and Data import options. For information about data that is and is not migrated, see Data that you can migrate and Data that is not migrated.
    • Log in to Track-It! 2020 and make sure that all migrated data (for example, new tickets) is correct.
    • Go live with Track-It! 2020. Start using the new Track-It! 2020 system and stop using the Track-It! 11.4 system. Make sure that all technicians and requestors are no longer using Track-It! 11.4.
       Each section of this checklist walks you through the various steps while providing links to important resources such as the free training videos and more detailed documentation. If at any time you have questions or need assistance, support is available at  
    Please refer the following link on our Docs which has more detailed information as per each above mentioned step:   
       Upgrading from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2020  
    The following links shall be helpful as well for detailed information around the Migration procedure:   
       Track-It! 11.4 vs. Track-It! 20xx  
       Migration Tool considerations and prerequisities  
       Data that you can migrate  
       Data that is not migrated  
       Installing the Migration Tool  
       Data import options  
       Running the Migration Tool 
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