Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - Managing Flash Deprecation & Replacement Features within Remedy Webinar Q&A

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    Q: Regarding the "search defaults to the last 30 days" in Smart IT, I know that it is possible to change this value. Can I change it to 0 so that I see all entries again? Or do I have to add a value e.g. 365?


    A: First, the user can overwrite the default setting by choosing different 'Create Date' time period. This adjusted range can be saved as part of pre-set filter. As administrator, you can also configure different default time period that is used for all users (in days). CCS configuration parameter for that is: restrictConsoleResultForNoOfDays  See You can set this parameter to 0, but it is not recommended – especially in environments with large amount of data.



    Q: I thought RSSO upgrade is not required if you are on 19.02...could you please confirm?


    A: Yes, RSSO can remain on 19.02 and upgrade the rest of the ITSM stack to 20.02 Patch 1. Although, we recommend upgrading RSSO as well to the latest version which is 20.02 Patch 1.



    Q: Do we have any documents where we can see these things that, version wise where will be the impact of flash player?


    A: Yes, please refer to



    Q: So, it is necessary to at least upgrade Mid-Tier to 20.02 Patch 01, right?


    A: In order to take advantage of SRM - Process definition template, Process view and visualizer components discussed earlier, you need at least mid-tier 20.02 patch 01. For replacement of other Flash-based capabilities (e.g. Atrium Explorer UI), you need to do a platform upgrade (AR System, CMDB, Atrium Integrator).



    Q: What technology is used new instead of Flash?


    A: HTML5 is the new technology used instead of Flash. For visual process editing / display, we use the same library that is also used by BMC Digital Workplace Advanced catalog or BMC Helix Platform (Innovation Suite), so that you have a consistent user experience.



    Q: For which ITSM apps it is not required to update?


    A: Whether you need to upgrade the Remedy platform because of some Flash-based capabilities in the ITSM apps depends on the question, which ITSM app features you are using. Within the ITSM apps, Flash is mostly used by SRM (process editing and display) and by Asset and Change Management (CI exploration, Impact analysis). If you use those features, you should upgrade the Remedy platform. Remember, you do not need to upgrade the ITSM apps themselves. 



    Q: I saw several configurations which are additionally required to configure the system to use the new solution. can you describe?


    A: When you install Patch 01, it will automatically adjust the settings


    Component name : flashboards.showgraphinflash

    Value : 2



    Component type : arsystem.bmc.arsys.midtier

    Value : visualizer.renderer=0




    Value : Component type : com.bmc.cmdb.integrations.shared

    Component name : *

    Value : Atrium Query,Simulation Explorer,Atrium Topology,Atrium History,Atrium Topology App,Atrium Explorer



    Q: Is Impact Model Design now possible in the new CMDB GUI with patch 1 for 20.02? (IMD was Flash till now and impact modelling only possible there)


    A: Impact Model Designer from TrueSight will be deprecated. Going forward, impact models can be defined in CI Explorer of the new CMDB UI.



    Q: Is migrating (export/import) of Atrium Integrator Jobs now possible in the new CMDB UI with patch 1 for 20.02?


    A: It is not part of the new CMDB UI 20.02 patch 1, but you can use Spoon to migrate the jobs and transformations.



    Q: Are these fixes implemented in v20.08 on-prem?


    A: 20.08 is a SaaS only release. For on-premise customers, the 20.02 patch 1 release delivers the Flash replacement capabilities, plus some other minor enhancement and fixes.