Helix Innovation Suite: @ in the login ID's are not supported

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    Below setup with Helix platform/Innovation Suite

    Use Case Chatbot:

    1. Login ID are configured like abc@xyz.com in ITSM and synced to DWP, Reporting and Innovation Suite
    2. These login ID's are not supported in Innovation Suite
    3. In IS whatever comes after @ will be considered as a Domain
    4. It was never supported IS and this is product limitation

    Issues OR some functionality will not be working if have @ in login ID

    1. In Chatbot, submitted request ID will not be shown to the user

    There is no security , permission check for Admin user because of that admin login id with and without @ works fine. But in case of non Admin user we add more  conditions as a part of security check which is not working if login id is with @ in it.

    For Example:

    Use Case 1:

    User 'abc@xyz.com' with Tenant Admin permission  --> Access the chatbot --> Submit the Request --> Chatbot shows "I have submitted your Request. Your Request ID is 123456"

    Admin User

    Use Case 2:

    User 'abc@xyz.com' without Tenant Admin permission  --> Access the chatbot --> Submit the Request --> Chatbot shows "I have submitted your Request. Your Request ID <BLANK>."

    Non-admin User


    Use Case Business Workflow:

    1. This use case where User Login ID's with '@'
    2. Login to BWF

    Use Case 1:

    Click on Create New Article

    It will throw an error: ERROR 8790 while accessing the article

    Answer. Some API failing due to '@' from login ID while setting/pushing the records to knowledge

    Use Case 2:

    Create new OR Open any existing Case

    Check activity feed is blank and will throw an ERROR 8790

    Answer: Same as above -- GET and PUT calls are getting failed while accessing the Case



    It is always recommended not to use @ in login ID:

    The @ is used to identify the domain or tenant the user is in.  Since Innovation Suite is multi-tenant, if we allowed users to sign in without an @ then we wouldn’t know what tenant user “robert” is in.  Is the user signing into tenant “A” or tenant “B”?  With an @ we can determine the tenant.  “robert@A.com” is in tenant A and “robert@B.com” is in tenant B.


    1. AD Integration - Check the account type/user details passing to RSSO
    3. RSSO Configuration - Check the RSSO user transformation -- Pass samAccount name instead Email ID
    5. Update the People Login ID's from ITSM -- Make sure to use spreadsheet with correct data entered (Login ID = New Login ID and Alternate ID = Original (OLD) Login ID)
    7. Foundation SYNC automatically update the Login ID's to IS


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