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    Adobe announced the end of development and distribution of Adobe Flash Player by the end of the year 2020. BMC has taken proactive steps over the recent releases to manage the deprecation of the Flash-based capabilities in the Remedy IT Service Management Suite (Remedy ITSM Suite). BMC has also been providing alternative solution capabilities for the majority of areas where Flash was used in the past. For more information, see Adobe Flash in Remedy in the Remedy IT Service Management version 20.02 documentation.

    BMC's recommendation is to plan and prepare to upgrade the platform to 20.02 patch 1 in time to avoid any problems as a result of the Adobe Flash retirement at the end of the year.

    Please go through below blog for more details on Roadmap of CMDB UI :

    Below are Frequently asked questions around this topic :

    1. What will happen If I upgrade browser but don't upgrade Remedy


    - The browser will stop supporting Flash content & you will not be able to access CMDB Old UI as It uses Flash.
    - If you are planning to upgrade browser, you should upgrade Remedy to 20.02 Patch 1.


    2. Is it necessary to upgrade if we are on 9.1.04 / 18.05 or 19.08 version ?


    - CMDB New UI was introduced in 9.1.04 version with limited functionality.
    - You will be able to perform only below operations with new UI in 9.1.04 :

    • Reconciliation job with only Identify, Merge & Purge activities can be created or modified.
    • Can configure Identification rules & Precedence rules.
    • You can only view or run the Atrium Integrator job. Can’t create new Job from there.
    • Can’t use CMDB Explorer to view/modify CI.  

    3. What all features got introduced in New CMDB UI 18.05 & later versions ?


    - New CMDB Explorer to view CIs and relationships
    - Enhanced search with custom search options
    - Move CMDB Definition Type across environments

       Doc : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac1805/18-05-enhancements-805340528.html

    - Configurable Key Performance Indicators
    - Permissions for the new CMDB UI
      Doc : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/ac1808/18.08+enhancements

    - Ability to archive CMDB data
    - Create and edit CIs by using CMDB Explorer
       Doc : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac1902/19-02-enhancements-836466453.html

    - New user interface for Class Manager
    - Additional capabilities added to the new user interface of Atrium Integrator
    - New user interface for Federation Manager
    - Added impact simulation capabilities to the CMDB Explorer
    - Cross launch BMC Discovery from the CMDB Explorer
    - Saving search queries in the CMDB Dashboard UI
    - Enhancements to Common Data Model
      Doc : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac1908/19-08-enhancements-877695217.html

    - Graphical Query Builder for creating a search query
    - Mapping complex queries to classes
    - Enhancements to Common Data Model
    - Ability to search for relevant help content within the BMC CMDB UI
      Doc : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac2002/release-notes-and-notices/20-02-enhancements

    20.02 Patch1 / 20.08
    - View Atrium Integrator jobs for selected Directory
    - Creation of federated classes from the new Class Manager
    - Definition of federation plug-ins
    - Cross-launch of Atrium Impact Simulator and Product Catalog
    - View Audit information from new UI.



    4. Do we have to upgrade ITSM to use all features available with New CMDB UI?


    - No, you just need to upgrade platform i.e. AR, CMDB & AI to 20.02 Patch 1 to use all features available with new CMDB UI.


    5. What will happen to Old CMDB UI (Flex) with 20.08 version?


    - CMDB Old UI will be still available to use for next few releases.
    - Only problem is with most of the browsers which are going to stop supporting Flash.


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